Ottawa Furniture Repair  repairs  various flaws and structural damage to furniture. Among the problems commonly repaired are loose chair and table legs, cracked or broken parts, damaged hardware, and the inevitable pet chews, chips, scratches, and stains. 



 Restoring antiques is a rewarding and economical way to fill a home with fine furniture, but for many of us, the process leads to a deeper experience, of forging links to the past. Whether firming up a wobbly joint or uncovering the natural wood grain under multiple layers of paint, returning a piece of timeworn furniture to its original condition is like traveling back in time to discover the methods of a woodworker from another generation. 




Furniture refinishing involves stripping your furniture of its initial finish to restore its appearance and style. Our expert furniture refinishing services include options of:

  • Lacquer finishes
  • Hand stripping
  • French polishing
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom colors

French Polishing


 French polishing refers to a technique for applying shellac, not a finish in and of itself. Essentially you apply a very large number of thin coats of shellac using a pad, a wee bit of oil, and a lot of elbow grease.  

On site touch ups


 Keep your furniture looking great by getting rid of scuffs and scratches as they happen! will gladly come on site to your home or business.

An experienced touch-up artist will give your pieces new life after years of wear or accidental damage. Some of our techniques include fill, colour match and even removing heat marks.



 We offer on-site maintenance & touch up services for hotels, restaurants,  corporate offices, and institutions •  churches, museums, boutique, and national chains • One-time, weekly or monthly visits • Repair of various damage, wear and tear • Touch ups of: paneling, floors, furniture, architectural detailing and many more...